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Writers' Room

Our authors are the lifeblood of Stargate SG-1 Novels. They are a diverse bunch - creative, energetic and, most importantly, fans of the show!

Each one has a different take on the show. Some of them will focus on the mythology while others concentrate on new technologies, conspiracies and politics. Of course, all of them will deliver the excitement and action/adventure you've come to expect from Stargate SG-1.


Jo Graham & Melissa Scott, co-authors of STARGATE ATLANTIS: Homecoming - the first book in the new Legacy series - discuss the series and their writing partnership. >>
(added 5 December 2010)

Jo Graham, author of STARGATE ATLANTIS: Death Game, shares her favorite episodes and discusses writing in our Question & Answer session. >>
(added 12 Oct 2010)

Steven Savile, author of STARGATE SG-1: The Power Behind the Throne, confesses all in his Stargate novels interrogation. >>
(added 12 Oct 2010)

David Niall Wilson & Patricia Lee Macomber, co-authors of STARGATE ATLANTIS: Brimstone submit to the Stargate Novels interrogation. >>
(added 12 Oct 2010)

Diana Botsford, author of STARGATE SG-1: Four Dragons, admires the mythology behind the Stargate universe. >>
(added 12 Oct 2010)

Chris Wraight, author of STARGATE ATLANTIS: Hunt & Run, talks about the challenge of writing a TV tie-in book and capturing the voices of the characters. >>

Aaron Rosenberg author of STARGATE ATLANTIS: Hunt and Run, loved Stargate from the moment he saw the original film. >>

Sabine C Bauer, author of the first new Stargate SG-1 novel, talks about her passion for theatre and explains just how-the-heck she got involved with this excellent TV show. >>


If only our authors had Upgrades like these!
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