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Who are Fandemonium?

We are a publishing company based in London, UK. For contact details, see our contact page.

Will the books follow canon?

Yes, all our books will be faithful to the canon as established by the show. At the end of each novel the Stargate SG-1 universe must be left as it was found. Our stories will have the feel of a really good double episode, featuring all the action, adventure, mythology and banter we love about Stargate SG-1. However, unlike the TV show, the books will be able to delve more deeply into the thoughts, feelings and reactions of the characters.

Do your writers really understand Stargate SG-1? Do they watch the show?

YES! All our writers are huge fans of the show and have seen every episode, at least once. They are all familiar with the Stargate SG-1 mythology and milieu, and have a real love for the characters and an excellent grasp of character voice and interaction.

How much influence does MGM have over the stories?

MGM approve each stage of the novel's production, from initial outline to final draft. They ensure that the situation and characterisation are consistent with the TV show. Where necessary they will check directly with production staff in Vancouver to ensure that our books do not impinge on upcoming episodes. However, within these constraints, our writers are free to let their imagination roam.

When during the life of the show will the books be set?

Any time! It will be up to individual authors to decide in which season their book will be set.

Will any books feature Jonas Quinn?

It's possible, as it is with any character who has been in the show.

Will we see banter between the various characters in the books?

Of course - this is part of the appeal of the show. We expect all our books to capture the spirit of SG-1.

Will we see any of the 'feelings' between O'Neill and Carter?

Some of our writers may wish to use this dynamic, within the parameters established by the show.

Will any books follow on from events that occurred in the TV show?

Yes, some will draw heavily on events shown in the series. Others will be totally original.

My favourite recurring character was killed off in the show! Any chance you can bring him/her back in one of the books?

Absolutely. Because the books can be set in any time period, it is possible for many well-loved characters to return for another adventure or two.

Will all your books be standalone stories, or will they form part of a series?

There may be a mention of the events of one book in another, but at first each book will be a standalone story. However, we are considering a trilogy of books for later development.

When will the first book be published and how much will it cost?

The first book in scheduled for publication in June 2004, with new books out at approximately two month intervals thereafter. The RRP for the first book will be £5.99.

Where can I get hold of the books?

Initially you will be able to buy them from our online bookshop and also Later, they will be available from UK retail book shops too, followed by retail distribution in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Why are the Stargate SG-1 books not for sale in North America? Why can't I buy them in the USA and Canada?

Sorry, our license to publish and market Stargate SG-1 novels doesn't include North America. However, the Atlantis novels are available world-wide (English language only).

I'd love to write a Stargate SG-1 novel! How can I approach you about this?

All our writers must be approved by MGM. But we're keen to develop new talent and will be setting up a submissions process in due course. Watch this space!




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