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Author Bio: Sabine C Bauer

After scraping through the German equivalent of high school graduation on the minimum amount of effort acceptable, Sabine worked several years as a freelance camera assistant for Bavarian Television and affiliated producers. Fed up with ludicrous hours, insulting fees and a non-existent social life, she eventually decided that university might not be such a bad proposition after all and embarked on an MA course in English Literature at the University of Munich, Germany. Two terms shy of a degree, she transferred to the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, where she obtained an MA and subsequently a PhD in Shakespeare Studies.

In autumn 1994, she was accepted into the director's attachment at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol, UK, and spent a year running wild in the greatest playground ever invented. The reward for graduating was a return to ludicrous hours and insulting fees, although the social life turned out to be great. A string of theatre productions later, in 1999, Sabine (in her incarnation of Dr Bauer) was offered a guest lectureship at Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. During her term there, she taught directing, dramaturgy, and literature courses and directed Shakespeare's The Tempest, none of which is even slightly noteworthy compared to the fact that, one fine Saturday night at 00:30 hours, she channel-hopped into Fox and the first season of Stargate SG-1.

The return to Britain proved traumatic, largely due to the fact that Stargate SG-1 hadn't crossed the Atlantic yet. Months of serious withdrawal came to an end when a) Children of the Gods was released on video, and b) assiduous surfing led to the discovery of the Heliopolis Fanfiction Archive. These interesting extracurricular activities were disrupted by the commission from a London-based theatre company to write a bilingual children's play. Naturally, the fact that she'd never done anything like it before didn't stop Sabine from writing said play. In a rare instance of divine justice, she then got to direct it for her sins. The total fee was sufficient to pay off her credit card and start a comprehensive Stargate SG-1 DVD collection.

However, there were more sinister side-effects. Sabine continued to write, and instead of confining herself (and the damage) to the eclectic and virtually unnoticed pursuit that is theatre, she branched out into fanfiction. Under the imaginative penname of 'Doc', she spent the next four years surgically attached to a laptop and giving Jack O'Neill a hard time, which brings us right back to ludicrous hours and non-existent social life. No fee this time, not even an insulting one. Along the way she garnered a few awards and eventually realised that she was having altogether too much fun with characters of her own creation. In other words, the next logical step was to tackle an original novel. Her mental state at this (or any other) juncture is best illustrated by the fact that she chose quantum physics as the 'science' part of this picaresque science fiction epic, which to date has progressed to roughly four fifths of its intended length (sequels optional).

Meanwhile, across the Pond, word of Dr Bauer's antics in Kentucky had reached New York, New York, and prompted an unsuspecting member of NYU's drama department to extend an offer to contribute to that ultimate critical bible, Tennessee Williams A-Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work. Williams, needless to say, has nothing whatsoever to do with Shakespeare or English Literature at large. Perplexed though undeterred she accepted, with the result that, instead of writing critical essays on The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone and Moise and the World of Reason, she ended up writing critical essays on The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone and Moise and the World of Reason and The Glass Menagerie and The Night of the Iguana and A Knightly Quest, with a bit of biography thrown in for good measure.

In autumn 2003, somewhere between Quest and Iguana and trying to reconcile a day job with two major writing projects (which accounted for PMT and the demented gleam in her eyes), Sabine received an innocuous-looking email from Fandemonium Books, enquiring whether she would be interested in penning a Stargate SG-1 tie-in novel. Obviously, what ensued over the next six months were ludicrous hours, non-existent social life, and … ah … for further details please follow the link to Books.

Books by Sabine

Trial by Fire

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